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  • For Athletic, Running & Casual Lace-Up Shoes

    LaceLocker® is a sports apparel specialty device which securely stores tied shoe laces. Watch Preview Video Here!

    LaceLocker Kids Learn To Tie Shoes
  • Prevent Loose Shoe Laces - Kids Learn To Tie, Stow & Go!

    Your child still learns to tie shoes, but they are safer and you won't worry about falls. View Instructional Video Here!

    LaceLocker Shoe Lace
  • The Genius Is The Simplicity!

    If you wear laced shoes, LaceLocker® will securely store tied laces without you having to stop and tie shoes repeatedly. Watch YouTube Video Here!

    LaceLocker Secure Your Shoe Laces

lace locker Tie Your Shoe Laces
lacelocker Prevent Shoe Lace Untied
lacelocker Safety For Shoes

Great For Running, Walking & Work Shoes

Wear While Playing Golf, Tennis Or Outdoor Sports

Great For Toddlers & Kids Shoes!

With LaceLocker®, you will never have to double knot your laces again!
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You can easily install the LaceLocker® in seconds! No more double or triple knotting of laces! You will quickly appreciate the simplicity, and recognize the safety advantages! Click HERE for details.

LaceLocker® has better customer satisfaction after being tested against its competitors. They offer proven success that the laces do not come untied ever. Click HERE for testimonials.

The simplicity of use has provided the opportunity for those with vision impairment to tie and wear shoes with laces – they are safely stowed away. Click HERE to buy them now!

Watch Video

Watch Video

Nick Walker, our Australia Brand Ambassador, has created a special video which demonstrates the simplicity of installing LaceLocker®. Click HERE to watch the video.

Watch Video

Nick William Walker,
Elite Distance
Runner, describes
his appreciation for
LaceLocker®.> Click HERE to watch the video.

Limited Warranty: Stash Sporting Goods, Inc. will replace your LaceLocker® fasteners if within 90 days from the date of purchase they are determined to be defective in manufacture or materials. All other warranties, whether express or implied by law, are disclaimed and excluded, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

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